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School Budget Manual

Fiscal Year 2021-2022



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Table of Contents
  The Budgeting Process  

  Adjusted Projected Unweighted FTE  
Adjusted Projected Weighted FTE
  School Staffing Grid  
  School Staffing Grid - ESE Non-Gifted Positions  
  Supplement Standards  
  Sample Enrollment Data  
  Sample Revenue Projection  
  Position Allocation Summary – Elementary Schools  
  Position Allocation Summary – Middle Schools  
  Position Allocation Summary – High Schools  
  Position Allocation Summary – Other Schools  
  Other Budget Allocations Summary – Elementary Schools  
  Other Budget Allocations Summary – Middle Schools  
  Other Budget Allocations Summary – High Schools  
  Other Budget Allocations Summary – Other Schools  
  Health Services Buy-Up Options  
  Title I Allocation Breakdown  
School Discretionary Allocation Calculations
  Discretionary Budget Summary  
  Position Allocation – Summary  
  Position Allocation – School Principal  
  Position Allocation – Assistant Principal  
  Position Allocation – Instructional Positions (Basic, Vocational, & ESE Gifted)  
  Position Allocation – Elementary Special Instructional  
  Position Allocation – Secondary Special Instructional  
  Position Allocation – Instructional Positions (ESE Non-Gifted)  
  Position Allocation – Guidance Counselor  
  Position Allocation – Media Specialist or Library Assistant  
  Position Allocation – Other Administrative and/or Instructional Support  
  Position Allocation – Clerical  
  Position Allocation – Educational Support – Classroom  
  Position Allocation – Educational Support – ESE Non-Gifted Classroom  
  Supplement Allocation  
  Overhead Allocation – Summary (With Pro-Ration)  
  Overhead Allocation – Supplies  
  Overhead Allocation – Other Flexible Overhead  
  Overhead Allocation – Utilities  
  Overhead Allocation – Temporary Personnel  
Other State Revenue Allocation Calculations
  CSR - Class Size Reduction Project 4125
  CSR – Secondary Intensive Math Project 5120
  Instructional Materials - Media Project 3106
  Instructional Materials - Science Project 3109
  Instructional Materials - Textbooks Project 3105
  Lottery - School Advisory Council Project 2002
  Lottery - School Recognition Project 2160
  Reading Instruction Project 6123
  SAI - ESOL Project 4110
  SAI - Secondary Intensive Reading Project 0120
  Teachers Classroom Supply Assistance Program Project 3180
  Workforce Development Project 5110
Local Revenue Allocation Calculations
  Administrative & Guidance Summer Hours Project 5027
  Adult Education Tuition Project 6110
  AICE – Advanced International Certificate of Education Project 9004
AICE – Bonuses & Exams Project 5053
  AICE – Set-Aside Project 1004
  AP – Advanced Placement Project 2154
  AP – Bonuses & Exams Project 5054
  AP – Initiative Set-Aside Project 7054
  Band Program Project 4005
  Chorus Program Project 4004
  Custodial Allocation Project 2011
  Drama Program Project 7019
  EBD Alternative Placement Project 0022
  EBD Initiative Project 6075
  Health Care Service Plan (General Fund) Project 6004
  Health Care Service Plan (Medicaid) Project 1084
  IB – International Baccalaureate Project 7055
  IB – Academically Disadvantaged Project 5056
  IB – Bonuses & Exams Project 5055
  Itinerant – Speech Project 0023
  Reserve Officer Training Corp (ROTC) Project 2045
  Safe Schools (School Resource Officers) Project 3107
  School Maintenance Project 2909
  School Maintenance – School Control Project 5909
Revenue to Offset Fixed Charges for Student Services
  ESE Guarantee - Itinerant Services  
    Itinerant Adaptive P.E. Project 2017
    Itinerant Autistic Program Project 2018
    Itinerant ESE Instructional Coaches Project 2024
    Itinerant Hearing Impaired Project 2008
    Itinerant Homebound Project 2023
    Itinerant Occupational/Physical Therapist Project 2019
    Itinerant Social Workers Project 4021
    Itinerant School Psychologists Project 2027
    Itinerant Staffing Specialists Project 5012
    Itinerant Visually Impaired Project 2004
    SAI - Attendance Officers Project 3162
Fee-Based Programs  
  School Child Care Programs Various Projects
Other Special Revenue Allocations  
  Federal Entitlements  
    Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Project 2475
    Title I - Entitlement Project 2401
    Title II - Part A - Instructional Coaches Project 2405
  District Level Contacts  
  Substitute Reimbursement  
  Paraprofessionals Working as Instructional Subs  
  Teachers Working as Instructional Subs  
  Paraprofessionals Working STP  
  Educational Support – State Assessments  
  Base Student Allocation, District Cost Differential, and Program Cost Factors  
  Comparison of Projected 2021-2022 UFTE to Estimated Actual 2020-2021 UFTE  
  Expenditures - Object Code - List  
  Expenditures - Object Code - Definitions  
Expenditures - Function Code - List
  Expenditures - Function Code - Definitions  
  2020-2021 Funding for Florida School Districts  


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