Internal Funds - Additional Information


This page is used to provide information and forms that are supplemental to the Internal Funds Manual and Technical Assistance Memorandums. 


Internal Funds Technical Assistance Memorandums may be accessed by clicking "Technical Assistance Memos" under "Finance Quick Links" and then "Internal Accounts" under "Technical Assistance Memos by Area."



Bank Accounts - Supplemental Information

Includes a recap of the requirements for checking accounts, how to make investments, and instructions about how to change banks.


Bookkeeper Backup Instructions

Includes step-by-step Money Verification and Deposit instructions.


Category/Object Codes


Disbursements - Supplemental Information

Disbursements - Special Situations 


Donation Drawings


Field Trips

Information about handling accounts, field trips, etc.


Florida Teachers Classroom Supply Assistance Program - Check Request Form

Allows one Check Request Form per school rather than one per teacher.




Journal Entries - Adjustments & Transfers

Excerpt from TAM 2012-045; Includes information and examples.


Money Collection Procedures (Fundraiser Option #1)

Money Collection Procedures (Fundraiser Option #2)

These handouts include an overview of the rules for collecting funds and examples.  The instructions may be given to money collectors.  Schools choose whether they will use Fundraiser Option #1 or #2. 

 * Option #1 requires each check to be listed individually on the MCF. 

 * Option #2 requires listing the total amount of checks being turned in by the student as one line item and the total cash received from the student as a second line item.

Bookkeepers will need to modify the handout to reflect whether they would like money collectors to bring funds directly to the bookkeeper or always use the drop safe.  Of course, if the bookkeeper is not available funds should be placed in the drop safe.


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SBA Statements


Internal Funds Forms

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My School Bucks Procedures


NSF Checks

NSF Check Reconciliation Form

Information about how to handle NSF checks and an organization idea.


Property Procedures


Recognition or Achievement Awards


Sales Tax Update

Excerpt from TAM 2016-001

     How to Register

     How to Enroll Online

     How to File & Pay Electronically


Ticket Procedures


Ticket Seller Instructions - Football

Optional one-page sheet to put in ticket box.


Ticket Seller Instructions - All Others

Optional one-page sheet to put in ticket box.


Travel - Additional Information




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