Welcome to Mustang Metropolis

Every 2nd through 5th grade student here at Valparaiso Elementary will apply for a job and be hired at one of the 11 businesses in Mustang Metropolis.  Each employee will work in our city alongside students from two other grade levels.

All workers come to the city for 1 hour each week where they attend to their designated jobs for 40 minutes and are given a break time of 20 minutes.  It is during these break times that workers become consumers for other businesses.

At some time, all employees must go to the Mustang Mutual Bank to open an account and cash or deposit their paychecks.  Bank employees use computers to keep individual and business account records.

Employees must also make a trip to City Hall to pay their taxes.  Fourth and fifth graders are required to pay taxes by check;  using the checking account set up at Mustang Mutual.  City Hall also employs police officers who patrol our city and issue citations for offences such as speeding (running) or littering.

Visiting other businesses is not mandatory, but our Chat and Chew Restaurant is very popular.  Our Garden Spot seems to draw many customers, as well.  The Garden Spot has its own greenhouse where workers grow many of their plants from seeds.

Our Gift Store and our Supplies and Such Store offer a variety of items for purchase.  Our WeeDeliver Post Office delivers mail all over the school campus, and our Community Services reaches beyond our school to help out in the greater metropolis of Niceville/Valparaiso.

We offer many creative opportunities for our customers in our Art Gallery, and the employees of the Pony Express Newspaper do their best to make our newspaper very interesting for all their subscribers.

Kindergarten and 1st Grade students visit our city aided by City Guides who bring small groups of customers to visit the businesses of choice.  On occasions when Ks and 1st grade don’t visit our city, our guides make buttons.  Buttons are sold to other schools, used for honors assembly, and sold in the city.

We believe we offer our students the opportunity to learn and practice real life skills in a fun and practical environment through city participation.  The concepts of teamwork and responsibility are really stressed as “Managers” of each business are put in charge of the day-to-day routine of running a business and “supervising” employees.  All employees are expected to use appropriate work habits and learn to be responsible employees. Each business has a bookeeper whose job it is to open a business account at the bank, keep accurate accounting records, make business deposits, and write payroll checks.  It is the goal of each business to make enough profit to “stay in business.”

Each year, our citizens register to vote so that they may participate in our City Council Election.  Candidates campaign with posters and speeches and two City Council Members are elected from each block.  A block consists of at least three different classes from different grade levels who come to the city as a group. Elected council members in the fifth grade may submit applications to the school principal to be considered for mayor.  The principal selects a Mayor after a significant interview process. Our Mayor represents Mustang Metropolis for the year at many events,  including monthly Valparaiso City Commissioner meetings. Click to see the Mustang Metropolis City Council at work.

One reason our city is so successful is due to our community involvement.  We  receive many donations from businesses and individuals. Donations range from computers and paper to snacks sold in the restaurant.