Field Day stations are divided into 4 sections .  Each teacher will be assigned to a section
 to start field day.  Classes will have approx. 25-30 min. at each section where there will be 3-4 stations.

 There will be Station Leaders at every station.  If a station is empty you could divide your students
 between the stations.  Class event stations  will be in the afternoon   (see attached schedule).  Good
 sportsmanship and cooperation should be stressed in all events.  Classes will rotate to next section
 when ready.

Section 1-  On Pavement Area

 Jump Rope-

Equipment:  Jump Rope for every child

Objective:  Who can jump the longest without missing?  Grades 3-5

Procedure:  Each child will get a rope.  Students will find their own personal space away from everyone to jump.  Start jumping on signal.  Ready, GO.

K-2 - Parents may turn long ropes and or students may choose to use short ropes.

Dive for the Marbles

Equipment:  Pool, Chairs, Containers

Objective:  Use your toes to collect as many marbles as possible.  Est. 30 sec. time limit.

Procedure:  Small groups of students sit around pool of water.  Marbles are scattered in the pool.  Each group can be given 30 seconds to get as many marbles with his or her toes out of the pool.  You can add competition to this by competing as groups or individuals as to how many marbles they can get out of the pool.

 Balloon Pop K-2
Equipment:  Balloons, 5 Chairs

Objective:  To sit on balloon and pop it.

Procedure:  Divide up in 5 groups.  First person from each line, run to chair and sit on balloon until it pops.
When all 5 students balloon is popped the next five can have a turn.

 Balloon Stomp 3-5
Equipment:  Balloons with yarn attached

Objective:  Stomp on other peoples balloons

Procedure: Divide girls and boys. Attach balloon to ankle.    Boys try to stomp each other's balloon.  Last one with balloon not popped wins.  Then the Girls get a turn.

 Bubble, Bubbles, Bubbles  K-2 event
Equipment: wands, plastic six pack rings, and other bubble blowing items, bubble solution, 4 buckets

Please discuss with your students the safety issue.  Watch out for the other guy, soap does not feel good in your eyes.  Divide your class into 4 groups.  send one group to each bucket.  Use your bubble wand to make as many bubbles as yu can. Rotate to all four buckets to use different bubble wands.

Section 4-  Back Field Area

 Bean Bag Toss

Equipment- 5 Decorated Garbage cans, 25 bean bags- five for each group

Objective:  Ring the can with your bean bag

Procedure:  Divide students into 5 small groups.  First person in each line will throw their bean bags into the can.  Station leader will see how many bean bags made target.  Who got the most in?  Then give the bean bags to the next student and repeat.  Have winners of each set of throws throw again, if desired.  Who got the most bean bags in?

 Soccer Dribble

Equipment:  6 soccer balls, cones

Objective:  To dribble ball with feet around cone and back to starting line.

Procedure:  Divide class into 6 groups.  On signal, first person from each line dribbles ball with feet around cones and dribble back to starting line.  When all six are finished, start the next 6.  Grades 3-5 can do as relay.

  Homerun Derby      SAFETY POINT  Keep students clear of bat.

Equipment: 5 Bats, 5 Tees, 5 wiffle balls, Chalk lines marking distance, 5 cones

Objective: To see who can hit the ball the farthest.

Procedure: :  Divide students into 4-5 small groups.  First person in each line will hit 3 wiffle balls out into the field.  After they have hit the balls, student will retrieve and give balls to next person.  Who hit it the farthest?   Each student rotates until all have had turn.

 Big Foot Playground K-2 Event only

Can you climb on each piece of the equipment?  Can you do the space loops?  Can you go over the eagles nest dome climber?  Can you slide down Big Foot Slide?  Remember no going up the slide, and slide down feet first.

 Consession Stand

SECTION 2---     Baseball field

     Sack Race- Grassy Area on Baseball field

Equipment:  10 Big sacks-   On baseball field grassy area

Objective:  To jump while in a sack around the cone and back.

Procedure:  Divide students into small groups.  The first 2 students in each line put their feet in sack.  On signal, “Ready, Go”, one student in each line jumps down to cone , goes around cone and jumps back to starting line.  Who was first?  On signal, “ Ready, Go”, the next person waiting in sack repeats.  Continue until everyone has had a turn.

   Parachute Ball Toss-  Grassy Area on Baseball field

Equipment:   Balls of various sizes , parachute

Objective:  Shake or pop all the balls off the parachute in 30  seconds

Procedure:  All team members spread out, holding the edge of the parachute.   Balls of various sizes are placed by the teacher into the center of the parachute.  The team is given 30 seconds to shake out as many balls as possible.  After 30 seconds,  count balls that were tossed off.  Repeat .The team is asked to replace the balls and the parachute where they originally found them when they have completed this event.

  Hula Hoop Contest

Equipment:  30 hoops- hoop for each person

Objective:  Who can hula hoop the longest?  Procedure:  All students spread out and on signal start hula hooping.  If hoop drops, person sits down.  Do contest as many times as time and interest permits

 Shoe Fly-     K-2 Event

Equipment:  5 Carpet Squares,  Chalk lines marking distance

Objective:  To kick your shoe the farthest distance.

Procedure:  Divide the students into 5 groups.  The students untie one shoe and hang it
from their toes.  The first person in each line will kick their shoe.  Who kicked it the farthest?  Go get shoe.  The next person in each line repeats until all have had turn.

SECTION 3-  Middle of  Track

   Mississippi  Flood

Equipment:  Four 5 gallon buckets filled with colored water,  Four 1 gallon plastic containers, and Four cups

Objective:  To see which container overflows first.

Procedure:  Divide students into four groups.  The first student in each group fills the cup with water and runs to container and pours it in.  Run back and give cup to next person.  Continue until container overflows.

   Bucket Brigade

Equipment:  4 Five gallon buckets, 30 cups, 4 one gallon jars

Objective:  To relay water from the bucket to the jar.  Which group can overflow the jar first?

Procedure:  Each student has a cup.  Divide into 4 groups. On signal, first person fills cup and pours the water into the next child’s cup.  So on down the line, continue until the jar flows over.

 Golf Ball in Spoon Race     K-2 one group at a time      3-5 Relay

Equipment:  5 Gallon Cans, 5 big spoons and 5 golf balls

Objective:  To carry golf ball on the spoon

Procedure:  Divide students into 5 groups.  On signal, First student from each line picks up spoon and uses spoon to pick up golf ball from can.  Carry golf ball around cone and put ball and spoon back in can.  You may not use your hand to pick up dropped ball, use the spoon and the side of your foot.  Start the next group when all 5 are finished.

 3 legged Race  Grades 3-5 Relay Event

Equipment:  10 elastic bands, cones

Objective:  To walk around cone and back with inside legs hooked together.

Procedure:  Divide students into partners.  Four partner groups go at once.  On signal, the first partner groups go
and walk around cone and back.  Continue to all have gone.



STATION 1- Middle of Track

 Tug of War - Different procedure*

Equipment: Rope, No cleats

Single Elimination

We will have 2 teams from each class, so everyone can participate in Tug of War.  Some students may have to
be on both teams to have enough students to pull.  It would be good to name your teams.  Grade levels with more than 2 teachers will draw for placement on the bracket.

Grades K-2  will have 2 teams of 7 boys and 7 girls.  Each team will get to pull at least once.

Grades 3 & 5 will have 7 boys and 7 girls to pull.  4th may need to divide up in 3 teams.

These numbers are just estimations.  Coach Holloway or Coach Samac will work with each grade level to divide up in teams.

Station 2- Black Top area

 Teacher Ball Relay

Equipment:  Ball for each team

Procedure:  The teacher will stand in front of her class and throw a ball to each person.  When she gets to the last person she should throw it to him/her twice and then move back up the line throwing it to each person a second time.  A ball that is thrown to a student or teacher and not caught must be thrown again until caught.  The class that finishes first is the winner.  If classes do not have the same number of students we will ask some of your class parents to join or we will have some students take two turns.

 Over  Under

Equipment:  Wet sponge and bucket of water for each class

Procedures:  Students line up in single file.  First person passes wet sponge over their head and  continues down line in an over, under pattern..  First class to get to last person and last person runs to put sponge in bucket of water is the winner.

 Pass the hoop

Equipment:  1 hoop for each class

Objective:  To pass hoop down the line without breaking hands.

Procedures:  Students line up in single file .  First person steps through hoop without letting go of hands.  Second
person steps through hoop without letting go of hands.  Continue to the end of the line.  The last person runs
with the hoop to the front of the line and puts it over their cone.

 Daytona 500 Tricycle Race
Equipment:  4 tricycles

Objective:  To be the first class to finish relay.

Procedure:  Divide class into 2 groups.  One group lines up behind cone at tricycle and the second group line up at the cone away from the tricycle.  First person rides the tricycle down the lane to first person in second group.  First person goes to the back of the second groups line.  Then the second group first person rides the tricycle back to first group.  Continue until relay is finished.

Station 3- Back Field Area

 Water Ballon Toss

Equipment:  Water Balloon for every two students

Procedure:  Girls from the same grade level will compete and boys from same grade level will compete.   Partner the students.  We will set up in two lines with partners facing each other.  On signal, students will toss the balloon to partner.  After each successful throw take one step back from each other.  Continue until all balloons have burst.

   Circle Relay

Equipment:  Ball for each class

Procedure:  Give ball to student on teachers right.  On signal,  student runs around circle and hands the ball off to the next person on his/her right.  Students squat down in circle when they have had their turn.  First class to finish relay wins.


     GRADES K-2

 9:10-9:20   Opening  and Games begin with march around track directed by Coach Holloway and    Coach Samac.  Opening Area will be marked off near the new covered area.


  SECTION 1 Shaw, Gunter, Bittakis, Dyble, Gross,VanRandwyk
  SECTION 2    Tucker, Kivioja, Deyerle. Bowles
  SECTION 3 Fleming, Thigpen, Miller
  SECTION 4 Evans, Matthews, Hart


  SECTION 1 Evans, Matthews, Hart
 ` SECTION 2 Shaw, Gunter, Bittakis, Dyble, Gross, VanRandwyk
  SECTION 3 Tucker, Kivioja, Deyerle, Bowles
  SECTION 4 Fleming, Thigpen, Miller


  SECTION 1 Fleming, Thigpen, Miller
  SECTION 2  Evans, Matthews, Hart
  SECTION 3 Shaw, Gunter, Bittakis, Dyble, Gross, VanRandwyk
  SECTION 4 Tucker, Kivioja, Deyerle, Bowles


  SECTION 1 Tucker, Kivioja, Deyerle, Bowles
  SECTION 2 Fleming, Thigpen, Miller
  SECTION 3 Evans, Matthews, Hart
  SECTION 4 Shaw, Gunter, Bittakis, Dyble, Gross, VanRandwyk

LUNCH-  Regular Lunch Schedule ( Concession stand closed during lunch)

 Class Event Stations  - Concession stand open
*In class events Moller's, Bowles, VanRandwyk,Gunter and Cox's students will participate in PE mainstreamed class.

 Tucker, Kivioja, Fleming, Thigpen  Tug of War (inside track area)

 Evans, Matthews, Hart, Miller  Relay Events  (on black top)

 Shaw, Deyerle, Dyble, Bittakis  Balloon Toss, Circle Relay ( Back Field)


 Tucker, Kivioja, Fleming, Thigpen  Relay Events  (on black top)

 Evans, Matthews, Hart, Miller  Balloon Toss, Circle Relay ( Back Field)

 Shaw, Deyerle, Dyble, Bittakis  Tug of War (inside track area)


 Tucker, Kivioja, Fleming, Thigpen  Balloon Toss, Circle Relay ( Back Field)

 Evans, Matthews, Hart, Miller  Tug of War (inside track area))

 Shaw, Deyerle, Dyble, Bittakis  Relay Events  (on black top)

 2:45-3:00 Ribbon Presentation at last Class Event Station.