Media Center

The Randall Wise Media Center at C.W. Ruckel Middle School was constructed during our $4.8 million renovation in 1997. It is designed to accommodate three full classes of students at any one time, and is open to additional walk-in users all day. Within the 8,000 square-foot facility are more than 12,000 books, including foreign-language books, and 30 periodical and three newspaper subscriptions.There are centers that feature student-published work, and student art and class work is always on display.

Attention: Students owing for lost or damaged books will be charged for cost of the books and an additional $5 fee for processing and the replacement of the book. Checkout privileges will be limited or suspended until these fees are resolved. Please pay for books in the Ruckel Media Center.

Research Support
Electronic resources include 55 computer research stations with Internet access, the Athena computerized card catalog, and Sunlink’s state-wide media lending system. These resources are complemented by Encarta and Microsoft's Office Suite, which includes Word, Publisher, Access, and Excel. All the resources listed above are available at all 340+ networked classroom computers in our school.

Student Publishing
In addition to research support, students visiting the Media Center may create and print documents using one of our publishing stations, equipped with scanners and color laser printers.

Support for School-wide Technology
Ruckel Middle School students and teachers have access to over 340 networked computers on a Windows Server network, supported by three servers and fiber-optic wiring.

Building site licenses include: Microsoft Office; Internet Explorer; Microsoft Publisher; Encarta; Cornerstone Language Arts, Mathematics, Reading Comprehension, and Reading Vocabulary software; Accelerated Reader; Excelsior Pinnacle Gradebook2; GradeQuick; and Athena library automation software.

Recently, however, teachers requested labs for whole-class instruction and student production. Accordingly, we added two Writing and Research Labs. Each lab also features color and black and white laser printers.

For classroom use we have added a COW (Computer on Wheels) with 25 laptops and a iPow with 30 iPads. Availability of technology has made possible increasingly sophisticated projects and products from students as well as made it possible to engage students in real-life learning tasks. Our school is networked for media broadcast and retrieval, so teachers have access to instructional television live, on video, or via cable.

Our emphasis on technology access in the Media Center is reflective of our concern for the disparity between affluent students, with ample technology in their homes, and less-affluent students, whose families cannot afford such access at home.

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