RMS Football 2016
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David Hedges, Head Coach & Athletic Director more info on our coach here
Assistant Coaches:
Tyler Hastings • Bobby Hebert • Josh Regans

Spring Football Activities
After school training will start Wednesday, May 3, from 2:30 to 5:00 pm
and run until the end of the school year.

Any student who is in the 6th or 7th grade and has a completed Sports Participation packet turned in with the Ruckel Front Office is welcome to attend.

Watch for a more detailed schedule as we get closer to Spring Practice.

2016 football team photo

    football team 2016
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Looking for new photos? Parents -- send photo files to ruckelpics@cox.net
so we can see this year's Rams in action!
"flaming football"
It takes more than helmets, pads,
and jerseys to equip
a safe and successful Football Team!

Agile 1 Dummies
Sweep Pad
T Board Set
Agile 2 Dummies
5 Man Lev Sled
Quick Snap
2 Man Powerline Sled
Pop Up Tackle Maker
Wireless Outdoor Timer
Titan Pop Up Dummies (4)
Scout Pop Up Dummies (4)
Arm Flippers (6)
Half Round Dummies (6)
Rugged Square Dummies (6)
Scrimmage Line
8 Station Post w/ Balls
Indoor Mount Lev Sled
Combo Passing Trainer
Launch Pad
QB Tee Stand
Speed Sled
Speed Sled Harness
Agility Circle
Bullet Arms (4)
JUGS Machine
Cart for JUGS Machine
Kicking Net
Scrimmage Vests (12)
Snap Hat (12)
Landing Mat
Tackle Mat
Fumble Maker (Portable Stand)
Punch Pad
Phenom Youth Shoulder Pad (12)
Youth Helmet (12)
Wilson GST Youth Football (16)
Football Brushes (3)
...and you thought YOUR house was full of sports equipment!

The Ruckel Rams Football Team needs to replace these items for the safety and successful development of these young players.
Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, some of these items have already been supplied -- but there are LOTS of opportunities to help!

There are many levels of sponsorship and sponsor benefits available, and we hope for and look forward to strong support from our Niceville community.

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