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The Ruckel Chorus is a daily elective class taught and directed by Michelle Tredway.

Congratulations to our All-State Chorus Participants!
Every Ruckel Chorus Student who auditioned for an All-State Chorus was selected!!!!
All 23 are going to represent Ruckel as the best-of-the-best at the FMEA All State Professional Development Clinic/Conference in January.
These students worked with Mrs. Tredway at least twice weekly after school to work
in small groups, larger groups, and individually. They each passed a written theory exam, a sight-reading audition, and a music audition.

Timothy Aiken
Phillip Johnson
Dylan Boes
Grayson Dannelly
Crockett Hood
Caden Early
Joel Dotter
Phillip Nguyen
Angie Tucci
Delaney Cook
Avery Cleveland
Ashley Decker
Genny Heald
Maddie Hinze
Alex Nacchia
Jules Pace
Lilian Hathaway
CeCe Jordan
Lilian Bentley
Kaitlyn Lee
Katie McElroy
Hailey Hilton
Elaina Hayes
After a long summer and fall of preparation, all 23 Ruckel Middle School students who auditioned for the Florida Middle School All State Chorus earned spots in the chorus. Under the direction of chorus teacher Michelle Tredway, 23 7th and 8th grade Ruckel Chorus Students auditioned through three levels of competencies: a written music theory test, sight-reading, and singing excerpts from prescribed music.
All 23 passed each test at the highest state level. All State Chorus has approximately 280 students from across the state of Florida. The concert took place in Tampa on Saturday, January 12, 2019

Congratulations to the Ruckel students selected for
2019 All County Chorus

    Ruckel All State members

All State Prep Sessions: Monday to Thursday from 2:30 to 3:15 pm in the Chorus Room for all students selected to audition for one of the All State choirs.

7th-8th Grade Chorus Students interested in learning more Music Theory
and possibly trying for an All State audition, Check out FVA.net
and musictheory.net for on-line help.

Questions? Email Mrs. Tredway or check the CHARMS calendar!

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