RMS Visual Arts Program

Art Club!
Tuesdays from 2:30 to 3:30 pm
Join us in Room 905

If you are interested in joining, contact Ms. Piccorossi
to get a permission form to join
Everyone is welcome!

Supply donations are very much appreciated!
Students may choose what supplies they want to work with in Art Club,
but that won't work if we run out of supplies.

cat drawing by Genesis Caitoyoung man's profile drawn by Megan BuiWoman's portrait drawn by Cassie Price

Congratulations to the Ruckel artists whose work won awards at the 2021 Van Porter Art Show.
Above, from left, art by Genesis Caito, who won Van Porter Artist of the Year; Cassie Price, 2nd Place;
and Megan Bui, 3rd Place.

sketch of young man
Congratulations to Ruckel 7th grader Brodie Lacanilao
for winning Best in Show for Art in the Capitol 2020.

He knocked this portrait out of the park! His work will represent Okaloosa County and hang in the Florida State Capitol rotunda in Tallahassee.

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