School Mission • Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow

The mission of C.W. Ruckel Middle School is to empower students to excel as contributing members 
of society by guaranteeing a quality educational foundation.

We place our emphasis on:

  • A safe environment in which students can learn and grow
  • Excellence and quality in student learning and achievement
  • The core values of honesty, integrity, responsibility, respect, courtesy, cooperation, empathy, and excellence
  • The value of every student’s ability to learn
  • Parents, teachers, and staff making decisions based on what is in the best interest and welfare
    of students
  • Vertical/horizontal alignment in all curriculum areas
  • Reading strategies used across the core curriculum areas
  • Recognizing diverse racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds
  • Effective communication between students, educators, parents, administrators, school board members and others in the community
  • Effective schools require adequate and equitable funding
  • Continuing professional development
  • Sunshine State Standards—based curriculum
  • The principal who serves as an instructional leader
  • Smaller classes to enhance a student’s opportunity to be successful
  • Use of technology throughout the curriculum
  • School Accountability Reports
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Info about Math classes offered for High School credit here at Ruckel
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Info about Math, IT, and Science classes offered for High School credit here at Ruckel information on math, IT, and science classes here

Explore the opportunities at the Ruckel Choice Institute information on CHOICE courses  here

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Graduation Options for the State of Florida
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Zoning Waivers to attend Ruckel Middle School

Duke Talent Indentification Program logo
2017 -2018 Duke TIP Program for 7th Graders
Duke TIP Web Site

It is time for eligible 7th grade students to register for the Duke University Talent Identification Program (TIP) Talent Search. To participate, students must have met high standards on an accepted national standardized achievement test or state assessment test. See full details in our flyer HERE.
Please visit the Duke TIP web site here for answers to any questions that you may have about the Talent Search. Please call the Guidance Office at 833-4154 if you have further questions.

The following students participated in the 2017 Duke University Talent
Identification Program (TIP) and earned State Recognition based
on their qualifying scores:
State Recognition 2017: Ava Boston, John Cathell, David Cline, Keegan Detweiler,
Josey Dickerson, Sean Dickerson, Page Dolloff, Laura Erk, Julia Fiegel, Matthew Herr,
Peyton Lacanilao, Victoria Lay, Kailey Threet

In addition, students with the highest scores are honored at the
Grand Recognition Ceremony at Duke University.
Grand Recognition 2017: Victoria Lay
Congratulations to these outstanding students!

Duke University Talent Identification Program
The Duke TIP 7th Grade Talent Search includes a qualified group of students who have demonstrated advanced aptitudes on grade-level assessments. These candidates are invited to complete an above-level test, either the SAT or the ACT, which provides the means to further define their potential for a higher level of learning. Duke TIP provides the participants with comparative information concerning their academic abilities and resources for unique educational opportunities. Students with qualifying scores are invited to attend a State Recognition Ceremony at designated universities. In addition, students with the highest scores are honored at the Grand Recognition Ceremony at Duke University.

students at consolestudent with gyroscope
At the Challenger Center in Tallahassee, 6th Grade Science students
visited the planetarium, watched an IMAX movie on the Hubble telescope,
saw some air pressure experiments, and participated in a mission to the moon.
The mission to the moon was very well designed; the kids all had a great time
with it and learned a lot!
students at presentationstudents at mission controlstudent experimentmore students at console

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