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Mission Statement

Our mission is to ensure that all resources of the Okaloosa County School District are managed and accounted for in an effective and efficient manner; that all financial records are presented in a timely, accurate, and meaningful format; and that all staff members work toward continuous improvement and professional service.  Please let us know how we can assist you! 

Julie Perry

Interim Chief Financial Officer

Phone:  850-833-5840

Fax:  850-833-7699

 The Chief Financial Officer oversees the following departments:

  • Accounting & Financial Reporting

  • Budgeting & Financial Services

  • Payroll

  • Purchasing


Each of these departments may be accessed by clicking the appropriate link at the top of the page.  Please see the "Department/Area Quick Links" on the department pages for additional information.


The names and contact information for the Chief Financial Officer's staff are located under "Department/Area Quick Links."


In addition, links to the following frequently requested items are available under "Finance Quick Links":


  • Audit & Financial Information:
Financial audits, operational audits, school internal funds audits, lottery funds reports, and school financial reports.
  • Budget Publications:
All budget books published by the District, monthly budget amendments, monthly financial statements, school adjusted enrollment information, and final annual budget summary reports for schools.
  • Finance Forms:
Forms available for download that may be completed using Word, Excel, or Adobe; organized by Department/Area.
  • Fiscal Transparency:
Links to information that may be of interest to all stakeholders, including fiscal trends, financial efficiency, and Transparency Florida.
  • Internal Funds:
Information pertaining to activity funds held at the school level.
  • School Budget Reports:
Monthly reports for the current year and annual reports for the previous three years.
  • Technical Assistance Memos:
All memorandums issued by the Finance Department from fiscal year 2003-2004 to the present.
  • Travel:
Information and forms for employee travel reimbursement.
Finance Quick Links:
  Audit & Financial Information
  Budget Publications
  Budget - Frequently Asked Questions
  Finance Forms
  Fiscal Transparency
  Internal Funds
  School Budget Reports
  Technical Assistance Memos
Department/Area Quick Links:
  Finance Home













Taxpayers, parents, and education advocates may submit budget questions to Julie Perry, Director - Budgeting & Financial Services.  These questions will be answered and posted on the "Budget - Frequently Asked Questions" webage.


Downloading Instructions:
RIGHT click the name of the file you would like to download.
A menu box will open up - Choose "Save Target As."
Click "My Documents" and choose where you want to save the file.
Click "Save" and the file will download.
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