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School Characteristics

The Milton Girls Residential Facility was opened in February 2002.   The minimum stay for each girl at this facility is six months to twelve months with an expected average of nine months.  The facility houses 60 female youth ranging in ages 13-21.  Approximately one-third of the students receive exceptional student education services.

Through a Cooperative Agreement with Santa Rosa County educational services are provided by Okaloosa County School District.  Students can earn a regular high school diploma, a General Education Diploma, or a General Education Diploma Option.  Students who enter with a GED are allowed to enroll in college classes through distance learning at Okaloosa Walton Community College.  All support services are provided from the Okaloosa County School District.

Students are enrolled in academic classes that include English, math, science, social studies with additional classes in life management, employability skills, peer counseling, and critical thinking.  Through a Workforce Development grant a Travel and Tourism vocational program has been implemented.

To increase reading and math skills teachers and classroom assistants provide individual instruction and tutoring.  These include Great Leaps Reading,   Accelerated Reading, Accelerated Math, Star Math, Carbo Reading,  A+ Learning Software, Academy of Reading and Skills Bank.