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The Adolescent Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) is a Department of Juvenile Justice, 40 bed, Level 6 residential facility.  The educational services are provided by the Okaloosa County School District.  The courses offered are from the Florida Course Code Directory and all classes provide instruction that correlates with the Florida Sunshine State Standards.  There are three certified teachers and one paraprofessional.

Students are enrolled in a six period day throughout the 240-day school year and receive 300 minutes of instruction daily.  Courses are offered in Language, Mathematics, Science Social Studies, Reading and Vocational and Social Skills.  The students are placed in groups according to their academic levels and given individual instruction specific to their needs.

The Education Department at ASAP Academy provides a masonry program and carpentry program for the youth at the facility.  The program emphasizes safety, critical thinking, employability skills and hands-on application.   The youth learn basic vocational skills that they can apply to community service project.

Students also have access to a 15 station computer lab with the following educational programs on them:  Advance Learning, CHOICES 2001, Microsoft Office 2000, Accelerated Math, Accelerated Reader, READ 180, MHC Interactive Contemporary's Pre-GED, and Mavis Beacon.  These programs allow the students to remediate skills, practice skills required to pass the GED and FCAT, and complete performance based courses for credits.

Classrooms are equipped with SMART boards for interactive technology and each classroom has a TV/VCR.  Although students do not have direct access to the Internet, teachers are Able to display educational Internet web sites with the use of digital projectors and the SMART boards.